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Hollywood Level Filmmaking

Imagine the combination of Hollywood level filmmaking, death defying stunts and fighting choreography together with the world’s premium Cosplayers and their massive global following, at work.

We believe we can achieve something not many before us have nailed. To create a live action manifestation of your amazing properties and game/anime worlds, that strikes a chord with untapped player communities everywhere.


High Clients


Years Experience


Costumes Built

What is Exobase

Exobase creative limited is a production company which is specialized in improving user experience and leaving an impression on the community.

On the side note we also create Esports & Gaming Events, Live action Gaming productions and commercials. Our main focus as a company is to bring a new level of production to the gaming space leaving the current standards in the dark. The Exobase team is built up of some of the best Pre Production, Production and post production talents in the world.

Exobase Is built up of many internal & external departments, which are built up with teams of carefully hand picked individuals who create our backbone. Our teams range from top tier Tailors to CGI Artists, Videographers, Brand managers Etc.

And if we aren't able to do something we have an amazing group of exceptional partners who cover all bases within the production, Esports and Gaming Field.

Exobase Regional Operations:

As a company Exobase Creative Limited has been exploring a variety of new markets and expanding into new regions. We have now successfully moved and set up bases in regions such as North America, South East Asia, Middle East & Europe. This allows us to bring Exobase Creatives production value to the world rather than being limited to a specific region alone.

Casting & Talents

When it comes to casting EXOBASE takes many things into account, we have a team of experienced analysts and creatives whose job it is to find top-tier talents who fit the needed character criteria and demographics like a glove.

Not only that, our Project Coordinators have a great passion for culture, inclusivity, and diversity, and will always keep an eye out for the best cast on the job.

This allows us to maximize the experience for fans and create a higher level of production/performance for Your company.

Organizing Cinematic Events & Shows

With the development & expansion of the Exobase team, we have managed to achieve the ability to push the limitations of current gaming and esports cinematics & events.

We at Exobase are able to host global activations & campaigns on a world-class level. Our ability to organize and outsource to our partners means we are able to produce worldwide broadcast productions.

We believe that with our team backing you, we can offer a new experience bringing your IPs to life, leaving fans craving for more and asking when the next project will be.

Our goal as a company is not just to blow projects out of the water but leave a long-lasting impression in the hearts of the fans and a media footprint that pushes You everywhere.

Design Production & Marketing

As you obviously know, marketing experience is a critical factor in optimizing and executing both online and offline activations. Exobase has the perfect team of internal and external creatives working in the event and campaign management industry for decades. 

Secondly, our booth designs and asset production will bring your beautiful game worlds to life with the help of our design team.

Real people with life-changing results



Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Better known as Har_Fie by his global fan base is a Actor/Gaming Presenter/Business man and producer, who has built his brand, established multiple global brands and campaigns. Starting his career as a talent in Asia [SEA] he has not only shown amazing skills within the gaming, film and anime markets, but also built a variety of skills with a great eye for detail pushing the limitations of the gaming space. By putting the right people on the task no project is too small or too big. Harry has the ambition to take game & Esports production to a Next level through live action cinematics.

Maria Luisa

Van Zwieten

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Better known as Sakuraflor. Originally from Spain, she has an unique global brand and is loved by the global market with her genuine and upbeat personality. Her creative intuition is impeccable and has won her over 20 awards for cosplay/Production and represented most of the big fish in the gaming industry. Over the years Maria has Developed and honed her skills as a creative director, creating a global network of talents and companies. She has released a Broad variety of successful media campaigns and web Series.